NBA Games Played on October 20, 2022

Oct 20, 2022

2 NBA Games

LA Clippers 103
LA Lakers 97  
LA Clippers  35212918
LA Lakers  23332120
PTS L. Walker-LAL 26
TRB I. Zubac-LAC 17
Milwaukee 90
Philadelphia 88  
Milwaukee  30172617
Philadelphia  24211825
PTS J. Harden-PHI 31
TRB G. Antetokounmpo-MIL 13

Conference Standings

  • * Playoff teams
Conference Standings Table
Eastern Conference W L W/L% GB PS/G PA/G
Milwaukee Bucks*101.00090.088.0
Boston Celtics*101.000126.0117.0
Toronto Raptors*101.000108.0105.0
Atlanta Hawks*101.000117.0107.0
Chicago Bulls*101.000116.0108.0
Charlotte Hornets101.000129.0102.0
Washington Wizards101.000114.0107.0
Detroit Pistons101.000113.0109.0
Miami Heat*01.0001.0108.0116.0
Cleveland Cavaliers*01.0001.0105.0108.0
New York Knicks*01.0001.0112.0115.0
Brooklyn Nets*01.0001.0108.0130.0
Indiana Pacers01.0001.0107.0114.0
Orlando Magic01.0001.0109.0113.0
Philadelphia 76ers*02.0001.5102.5108.0


Western Conference W L W/L% GB PS/G PA/G
Memphis Grizzlies*101.000115.0112.0
Minnesota Timberwolves*101.000115.0108.0
Phoenix Suns*101.000107.0105.0
Golden State Warriors*101.000123.0109.0
Los Angeles Clippers*101.000103.097.0
New Orleans Pelicans*101.000130.0108.0
Portland Trail Blazers101.000115.0108.0
Utah Jazz101.000123.0102.0
Sacramento Kings*01.0001.0108.0115.0
Denver Nuggets*01.0001.0102.0123.0
Oklahoma City Thunder*01.0001.0108.0115.0
Houston Rockets01.0001.0107.0117.0
Dallas Mavericks01.0001.0105.0107.0
San Antonio Spurs01.0001.0102.0129.0
Los Angeles Lakers*02.0001.5103.0113.0
Please note that teams tied in the standings are sorted by team name and no tiebreakers are being applied to these standings.