Jose Slaughter Teammates and Opponents

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Teammates Table
Overall Reg. Season Playoffs
Rk Teammate G W L W% G W L W% G W L W%
1John Duren631350.206631350.206000
2George Johnson631350.206631350.206000
3Butch Carter621349.210621349.210000
4Clark Kellogg621349.210621349.210000
5Billy Knight611348.213611348.213000
6Marty Byrnes611348.213611348.213000
7Herb Williams591247.203591247.203000
8Jerry Sichting591346.220591346.220000
9Brad Branson48840.16748840.167000
10Clemon Johnson381028.263381028.263000
11Russ Schoene25322.12025322.120000
12Guy Morgan808.000808.000000