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Team Ratings

Team Ratings Table
Unadjusted Adjusted
Rk Team Div W L W/L% MOV ORtg DRtg NRtg MOV/A ORtg/A DRtg/A NRtg/A
1Minneapolis LakersW4416.7337.386.81
2Rochester RoyalsW4515.7506.636.13
3Chicago StagsW3822.6334.003.73
4Washington CapitolsE3822.6332.432.11
5New York KnicksE3228.5331.481.25
6Baltimore BulletsE2931.4831.381.16
7Philadelphia WarriorsE2832.4670.350.22
8Boston CelticsE2535.417-2.92-2.75
9Fort Wayne PistonsW2238.367-3.23-2.84
10St. Louis BombersW2931.483-3.63-3.21
11Indianapolis JetsW1842.300-4.72-4.19
12Providence SteamrollersE1248.200-9.17-8.43