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Team Ratings

Team Ratings Table
Unadjusted Adjusted
Rk Team Div W L W/L% MOV ORtg DRtg NRtg MOV/A ORtg/A DRtg/A NRtg/A
1Boston CelticsE5722.7225.664.93
2St. Louis HawksW5128.6463.562.98
3Syracuse NationalsE3841.4812.151.92
4Philadelphia WarriorsE4633.5820.940.88
5Los Angeles LakersW3643.456-0.05-0.12
6Detroit PistonsW3445.430-2.38-2.12
7Cincinnati RoyalsW3346.418-3.46-3.04
8New York KnicksE2158.266-6.42-5.44