ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.

Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Fri, Oct 24, 1975Box ScoreIndiana PacersL10111201L 1at Norfolk, VA
2Sun, Oct 26, 1975Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL11213002L 2
3Tue, Oct 28, 1975Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL10310803L 3at Norfolk, VA
4Wed, Oct 29, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisLOT10010404L 4at Hampton, VA
5Fri, Oct 31, 1975Box Score@Utah StarsL11612305L 5
6Sat, Nov 1, 1975Box Score@San Diego SailsW10910515W 1
7Sun, Nov 2, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL9910616L 1
8Wed, Nov 5, 1975Box ScoreSan Diego SailsL10411817L 2at Norfolk, VA
9Fri, Nov 7, 1975Box ScoreIndiana PacersL10010418L 3at Hampton, VA
10Tue, Nov 11, 1975Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL10612819L 4at Cincinnati, OH
11Wed, Nov 12, 1975Box Score@San Antonio SpursL112144110L 5
12Thu, Nov 13, 1975Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL100124111L 6at Norfolk, VA
13Fri, Nov 14, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisLOT102106112L 7at Richmond, VA
14Wed, Nov 19, 1975Box ScoreNew York NetsW110100212W 1at Norfolk, VA
15Fri, Nov 21, 1975Box ScoreUtah StarsW10698312W 2at Norfolk, VA
16Sat, Nov 22, 1975Box Score@Denver NuggetsL119144313L 1
17Wed, Nov 26, 1975Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL122141314L 2at Hampton, VA
18Fri, Nov 28, 1975Box Score@New York NetsL97116315L 3
19Sat, Nov 29, 1975Box ScoreIndiana PacersL106111316L 4at Norfolk, VA
20Tue, Dec 2, 1975Box Score@San Antonio SpursL101119317L 5
G Date       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Wed, Dec 3, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisW114112417W 1
22Fri, Dec 5, 1975Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL111120418L 1at Norfolk, VA
23Sun, Dec 7, 1975Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL98112419L 2
24Thu, Dec 11, 1975Box ScoreDenver NuggetsL100111420L 3at Richmond, VA
25Fri, Dec 12, 1975Box ScoreDenver NuggetsL107110421L 4at Hampton, VA
26Mon, Dec 15, 1975Box ScoreDenver NuggetsL110131422L 5at Norfolk, VA
27Thu, Dec 18, 1975Box ScoreNew York NetsWOT9490522W 1at Norfolk, VA
28Fri, Dec 19, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL107139523L 1
29Sun, Dec 21, 1975Box Score@New York NetsL91118524L 2
30Tue, Dec 23, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisL103115525L 3at Norfolk, VA
31Sat, Dec 27, 1975Box ScoreIndiana PacersL9497526L 4at Norfolk, VA
32Sun, Dec 28, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL97102527L 5
33Fri, Jan 2, 1976Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL104116528L 6
34Wed, Jan 7, 1976Box ScoreNew York NetsW107100628W 1at Norfolk, VA; game protested and completed on 1976-01-24
35Fri, Jan 9, 1976Box Score@Denver NuggetsL128155629L 1
36Sat, Jan 10, 1976Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL110129630L 2
37Wed, Jan 14, 1976Box Score@Indiana PacersL99115631L 3
38Thu, Jan 15, 1976Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL93129632L 4at Richmond, VA
39Fri, Jan 16, 1976Box Score@New York NetsL99130633L 5
40Sat, Jan 17, 1976Box ScoreIndiana PacersL115126634L 6at Hampton, VA
G Date       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Wed, Jan 21, 1976Box Score@Indiana PacersL106119635L 7
42Thu, Jan 22, 1976Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW128117735W 1at Norfolk, VA
43Sat, Jan 24, 1976Box ScoreNew York NetsL8594736L 1at Norfolk, VA
44Sun, Jan 25, 1976Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL100121737L 2
45Thu, Jan 29, 1976Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW108104837W 1at Norfolk, VA
46Fri, Jan 30, 1976Box Score@Denver NuggetsL117126838L 1
47Sat, Jan 31, 1976Box Score@Denver NuggetsL117129839L 2
48Wed, Feb 4, 1976Box Score@Denver NuggetsLOT131135840L 3
49Fri, Feb 6, 1976Box Score@Indiana PacersL113118841L 4
50Sun, Feb 8, 1976Box Score@San Antonio SpursL105112842L 5
51Mon, Feb 9, 1976Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisL105112843L 6at Hampton, VA
52Fri, Feb 13, 1976Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW123107943W 1at Richmond, VA
53Sat, Feb 14, 1976Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL89100944L 1at Hampton, VA
54Sun, Feb 15, 1976Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL107118945L 2
55Tue, Feb 17, 1976Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL96112946L 3
56Thu, Feb 19, 1976Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW102821046W 1at Norfolk, VA
57Fri, Feb 20, 1976Box ScoreNew York NetsL911061047L 1at Hampton, VA
58Sat, Feb 21, 1976Box Score@Indiana PacersL1011081048L 2
59Sun, Feb 22, 1976Box Score@San Antonio SpursL981071049L 3
60Tue, Feb 24, 1976Box ScoreNew York NetsL1001111050L 4at Richmond, VA
G Date       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Wed, Feb 25, 1976Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW105981150W 1at Norfolk, VA
62Sat, Feb 28, 1976Box ScoreIndiana PacersW99921250W 2at Norfolk, VA
63Sun, Feb 29, 1976Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisLOT1091131251L 1
64Mon, Mar 1, 1976Box ScoreDenver NuggetsL1091151252L 2at Hampton, VA
65Wed, Mar 3, 1976Box Score@Indiana PacersL951041253L 3
66Fri, Mar 5, 1976Box Score@New York NetsL1081271254L 4
67Sat, Mar 6, 1976Box Score@San Antonio SpursL1101341255L 5
68Sun, Mar 7, 1976Box Score@Denver NuggetsL1011161256L 6
69Tue, Mar 9, 1976Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL1141511257L 7
70Thu, Mar 11, 1976Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL1141311258L 8at Norfolk, VA
71Sun, Mar 14, 1976Box Score@New York NetsL1061101259L 9
72Wed, Mar 17, 1976Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL1151301260L 10at Norfolk, VA
73Fri, Mar 19, 1976Box ScoreDenver NuggetsL1081131261L 11at Norfolk, VA
74Sat, Mar 20, 1976Box ScoreNew York NetsL1011091262L 12at Hampton, VA
75Sun, Mar 21, 1976Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL2OT1291381263L 13
76Wed, Mar 24, 1976Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW1281221363W 1at Richmond, VA
77Sat, Mar 27, 1976Box ScoreDenver NuggetsLOT1231241364L 1at Norfolk, VA
78Wed, Mar 31, 1976Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL1031111365L 2
79Fri, Apr 2, 1976Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL1091101366L 3
80Sat, Apr 3, 1976Box ScoreIndiana PacersW1131121466W 1at Norfolk, VA
G Date       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
81Sun, Apr 4, 1976Box Score@New York NetsL1031361467L 1
82Tue, Apr 6, 1976Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW1201161567W 1at Hampton, VA
83Wed, Apr 7, 1976Box ScoreNew York NetsL1231271568L 1at Norfolk, VA