WNBA Playoffs Series History

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Playoffs Series

Playoffs Series Table
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
12021First RoundSep 23 - Sep 23Chicago Sky1Dallas Wings0
22021First RoundSep 23 - Sep 23Phoenix Mercury1New York Liberty0
32021Second RoundSep 26 - Sep 26Phoenix Mercury1Seattle Storm0
42021Second RoundSep 26 - Sep 26Chicago Sky1Minnesota Lynx0
52021SemifinalsOct 3 - Sep 30Chicago Sky3Connecticut Sun1
62021SemifinalsOct 3 - Sep 30Phoenix Mercury3Las Vegas Aces2
72021FinalsOct 10 - Oct 17Chicago Sky3Phoenix Mercury1
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
82020First RoundSep 15 - Sep 15Phoenix Mercury1Washington Mystics0
92020First RoundSep 15 - Sep 15Connecticut Sun1Chicago Sky0
102020Second RoundSep 17 - Sep 17Connecticut Sun1Los Angeles Sparks0
112020Second RoundSep 17 - Sep 17Minnesota Lynx1Phoenix Mercury0
122020SemifinalsSep 20 - Sep 29Las Vegas Aces3Connecticut Sun2
132020SemifinalsSep 22 - Sep 27Seattle Storm3Minnesota Lynx0
142020FinalsOct 2 - Oct 6Seattle Storm3Las Vegas Aces0
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
152019First RoundSep 11 - Sep 11Chicago Sky1Phoenix Mercury0
162019First RoundSep 11 - Sep 11Seattle Storm1Minnesota Lynx0
172019Second RoundSep 15 - Sep 15Las Vegas Aces1Chicago Sky0
182019Second RoundSep 15 - Sep 15Los Angeles Sparks1Seattle Storm0
192019SemifinalsSep 17 - Sep 24Washington Mystics3Las Vegas Aces1
202019SemifinalsSep 17 - Sep 22Connecticut Sun3Los Angeles Sparks0
212019FinalsOct 1 - Sep 29Washington Mystics3Connecticut Sun2
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
222018First RoundAug 21 - Aug 21Los Angeles Sparks1Minnesota Lynx0
232018First RoundAug 21 - Aug 21Phoenix Mercury1Dallas Wings0
242018Second RoundAug 23 - Aug 23Phoenix Mercury1Connecticut Sun0
252018Second RoundAug 23 - Aug 23Washington Mystics1Los Angeles Sparks0
262018SemifinalsAug 26 - Sep 4Seattle Storm3Phoenix Mercury2
272018SemifinalsAug 26 - Sep 4Washington Mystics3Atlanta Dream2
282018FinalsSep 12 - Sep 9Seattle Storm3Washington Mystics0
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
292017First RoundSep 6 - Sep 6Phoenix Mercury1Seattle Storm0
302017First RoundSep 6 - Sep 6Washington Mystics1Dallas Wings0
312017Second RoundSep 10 - Sep 10Phoenix Mercury1Connecticut Sun0
322017Second RoundSep 10 - Sep 10Washington Mystics1New York Liberty0
332017SemifinalsSep 12 - Sep 17Los Angeles Sparks3Phoenix Mercury0
342017SemifinalsSep 12 - Sep 17Minnesota Lynx3Washington Mystics0
352017FinalsOct 1 - Sep 29Minnesota Lynx3Los Angeles Sparks2
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
362016First RoundSep 21 - Sep 21Atlanta Dream1Seattle Storm0
372016First RoundSep 21 - Sep 21Phoenix Mercury1Indiana Fever0
382016Second RoundSep 25 - Sep 25Chicago Sky1Atlanta Dream0
392016Second RoundSep 24 - Sep 24Phoenix Mercury1New York Liberty0
402016SemifinalsOct 2 - Sep 30Los Angeles Sparks3Chicago Sky1
412016SemifinalsOct 2 - Sep 30Minnesota Lynx3Phoenix Mercury0
422016FinalsOct 11 - Oct 9Los Angeles Sparks3Minnesota Lynx2
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
432015Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 17 - Sep 21Indiana Fever2Chicago Sky1
442015Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 18 - Sep 22New York Liberty2Washington Mystics1
452015Western Conf SemifinalsSep 18 - Sep 22Minnesota Lynx2Los Angeles Sparks1
462015Western Conf SemifinalsSep 17 - Sep 19Phoenix Mercury2Tulsa Shock0
472015Eastern Conf FinalsSep 23 - Sep 29Indiana Fever2New York Liberty1
482015Western Conf FinalsSep 24 - Sep 27Minnesota Lynx2Phoenix Mercury0
492015FinalsOct 11 - Oct 9Minnesota Lynx3Indiana Fever2
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
502014Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 22 - Aug 26Chicago Sky2Atlanta Dream1
512014Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 21 - Aug 23Indiana Fever2Washington Mystics0
522014Western Conf SemifinalsAug 21 - Aug 23Minnesota Lynx2San Antonio Stars0
532014Western Conf SemifinalsAug 22 - Aug 24Phoenix Mercury2Los Angeles Sparks0
542014Eastern Conf FinalsAug 30 - Sep 3Chicago Sky2Indiana Fever1
552014Western Conf FinalsAug 29 - Sep 2Phoenix Mercury2Minnesota Lynx1
562014FinalsSep 12 - Sep 9Phoenix Mercury3Chicago Sky0
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
572013Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 19 - Sep 23Atlanta Dream2Washington Mystics1
582013Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 20 - Sep 22Indiana Fever2Chicago Sky0
592013Western Conf SemifinalsSep 20 - Sep 22Minnesota Lynx2Seattle Storm0
602013Western Conf SemifinalsSep 19 - Sep 23Phoenix Mercury2Los Angeles Sparks1
612013Eastern Conf FinalsSep 26 - Sep 29Atlanta Dream2Indiana Fever0
622013Western Conf FinalsSep 26 - Sep 29Minnesota Lynx2Phoenix Mercury0
632013FinalsOct 10 - Oct 8Minnesota Lynx3Atlanta Dream0
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
642012Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 27 - Sep 29Connecticut Sun2New York Liberty0
652012Eastern Conf SemifinalsOct 2 - Sep 30Indiana Fever2Atlanta Dream1
662012Western Conf SemifinalsSep 27 - Sep 29Los Angeles Sparks2San Antonio Silver Stars0
672012Western Conf SemifinalsOct 2 - Sep 30Minnesota Lynx2Seattle Storm1
682012Eastern Conf FinalsOct 11 - Oct 8Indiana Fever2Connecticut Sun1
692012Western Conf FinalsOct 4 - Oct 7Minnesota Lynx2Los Angeles Sparks0
702012FinalsOct 14 - Oct 21Indiana Fever3Minnesota Lynx1
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
712011Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 16 - Sep 18Atlanta Dream2Connecticut Sun0
722011Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 15 - Sep 19Indiana Fever2New York Liberty1
732011Western Conf SemifinalsSep 16 - Sep 20Minnesota Lynx2San Antonio Silver Stars1
742011Western Conf SemifinalsSep 15 - Sep 19Phoenix Mercury2Seattle Storm1
752011Eastern Conf FinalsSep 22 - Sep 27Atlanta Dream2Indiana Fever1
762011Western Conf FinalsSep 22 - Sep 25Minnesota Lynx2Phoenix Mercury0
772011FinalsOct 2 - Oct 7Minnesota Lynx3Atlanta Dream0
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
782010Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 25 - Aug 27Atlanta Dream2Washington Mystics0
792010Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 26 - Sep 1New York Liberty2Indiana Fever1
802010Western Conf SemifinalsAug 26 - Aug 28Phoenix Mercury2San Antonio Silver Stars0
812010Western Conf SemifinalsAug 25 - Aug 28Seattle Storm2Los Angeles Sparks0
822010Eastern Conf FinalsSep 5 - Sep 7Atlanta Dream2New York Liberty0
832010Western Conf FinalsSep 2 - Sep 5Seattle Storm2Phoenix Mercury0
842010FinalsSep 12 - Sep 16Seattle Storm3Atlanta Dream0
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
852009Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 16 - Sep 18Detroit Shock2Atlanta Dream0
862009Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 17 - Sep 19Indiana Fever2Washington Mystics0
872009Western Conf SemifinalsSep 16 - Sep 20Los Angeles Sparks2Seattle Storm1
882009Western Conf SemifinalsSep 17 - Sep 21Phoenix Mercury2San Antonio Silver Stars1
892009Eastern Conf FinalsSep 23 - Sep 26Indiana Fever2Detroit Shock1
902009Western Conf FinalsSep 23 - Sep 26Phoenix Mercury2Los Angeles Sparks1
912009FinalsOct 1 - Sep 29Phoenix Mercury3Indiana Fever2
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
922008Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 19 - Sep 23Detroit Shock2Indiana Fever1
932008Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 18 - Sep 22New York Liberty2Connecticut Sun1
942008Western Conf SemifinalsSep 19 - Sep 23Los Angeles Sparks2Seattle Storm1
952008Western Conf SemifinalsSep 18 - Sep 22San Antonio Silver Stars2Sacramento Monarchs1
962008Eastern Conf FinalsSep 26 - Sep 29Detroit Shock2New York Liberty1
972008Western Conf FinalsSep 25 - Sep 28San Antonio Silver Stars2Los Angeles Sparks1
982008FinalsOct 1 - Oct 5Detroit Shock3San Antonio Silver Stars0
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
992007Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 24 - Aug 28Detroit Shock2New York Liberty1
1002007Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 23 - Aug 27Indiana Fever2Connecticut Sun1
1012007Western Conf SemifinalsAug 24 - Aug 26Phoenix Mercury2Seattle Storm0
1022007Western Conf SemifinalsAug 23 - Aug 27San Antonio Silver Stars2Sacramento Monarchs1
1032007Eastern Conf FinalsAug 31 - Sep 3Detroit Shock2Indiana Fever1
1042007Western Conf FinalsAug 30 - Sep 1Phoenix Mercury2San Antonio Silver Stars0
1052007FinalsSep 11 - Sep 8Phoenix Mercury3Detroit Shock2
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
1062006Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 18 - Aug 20Connecticut Sun2Washington Mystics0
1072006Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 17 - Aug 19Detroit Shock2Indiana Fever0
1082006Western Conf SemifinalsAug 18 - Aug 22Los Angeles Sparks2Seattle Storm1
1092006Western Conf SemifinalsAug 17 - Aug 19Sacramento Monarchs2Houston Comets0
1102006Eastern Conf FinalsAug 24 - Aug 27Detroit Shock2Connecticut Sun1
1112006Western Conf FinalsAug 24 - Aug 26Sacramento Monarchs2Los Angeles Sparks0
1122006FinalsAug 30 - Sep 9Detroit Shock3Sacramento Monarchs2
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
1132005Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 31 - Sep 2Connecticut Sun2Detroit Shock0
1142005Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 30 - Sep 1Indiana Fever2New York Liberty0
1152005Western Conf SemifinalsAug 30 - Sep 3Houston Comets2Seattle Storm1
1162005Western Conf SemifinalsAug 31 - Sep 2Sacramento Monarchs2Los Angeles Sparks0
1172005Eastern Conf FinalsSep 10 - Sep 8Connecticut Sun2Indiana Fever0
1182005Western Conf FinalsSep 10 - Sep 8Sacramento Monarchs2Houston Comets0
1192005FinalsSep 14 - Sep 20Sacramento Monarchs3Connecticut Sun1
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
1202004Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 25 - Sep 29Connecticut Sun2Washington Mystics1
1212004Eastern Conf SemifinalsSep 24 - Sep 28New York Liberty2Detroit Shock1
1222004Western Conf SemifinalsSep 24 - Sep 28Sacramento Monarchs2Los Angeles Sparks1
1232004Western Conf SemifinalsSep 25 - Sep 27Seattle Storm2Minnesota Lynx0
1242004Eastern Conf FinalsOct 1 - Oct 3Connecticut Sun2New York Liberty0
1252004Western Conf FinalsOct 1 - Oct 5Seattle Storm2Sacramento Monarchs1
1262004FinalsOct 10 - Oct 8Seattle Storm2Connecticut Sun1
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
1272003Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 28 - Aug 30Connecticut Sun2Charlotte Sting0
1282003Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 29 - Sep 2Detroit Shock2Cleveland Rockers1
1292003Western Conf SemifinalsAug 28 - Sep 1Los Angeles Sparks2Minnesota Lynx1
1302003Western Conf SemifinalsAug 29 - Sep 2Sacramento Monarchs2Houston Comets1
1312003Eastern Conf FinalsSep 5 - Sep 7Detroit Shock2Connecticut Sun0
1322003Western Conf FinalsSep 5 - Sep 8Los Angeles Sparks2Sacramento Monarchs1
1332003FinalsSep 12 - Sep 16Detroit Shock2Los Angeles Sparks1
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
1342002Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 16 - Aug 20New York Liberty2Indiana Fever1
1352002Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 15 - Aug 17Washington Mystics2Charlotte Sting0
1362002Western Conf SemifinalsAug 15 - Aug 17Los Angeles Sparks2Seattle Storm0
1372002Western Conf SemifinalsAug 16 - Aug 20Utah Starzz2Houston Comets1
1382002Eastern Conf FinalsAug 22 - Aug 25New York Liberty2Washington Mystics1
1392002Western Conf FinalsAug 22 - Aug 24Los Angeles Sparks2Utah Starzz0
1402002FinalsAug 29 - Aug 31Los Angeles Sparks2New York Liberty0
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
1412001Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 16 - Aug 20Charlotte Sting2Cleveland Rockers1
1422001Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 17 - Aug 21New York Liberty2Miami Sol1
1432001Western Conf SemifinalsAug 18 - Aug 20Los Angeles Sparks2Houston Comets0
1442001Western Conf SemifinalsAug 17 - Aug 19Sacramento Monarchs2Utah Starzz0
1452001Eastern Conf FinalsAug 24 - Aug 27Charlotte Sting2New York Liberty1
1462001Western Conf FinalsAug 24 - Aug 27Los Angeles Sparks2Sacramento Monarchs1
1472001FinalsAug 30 - Sep 1Los Angeles Sparks2Charlotte Sting0
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
1482000Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 11 - Aug 15Cleveland Rockers2Orlando Miracle1
1492000Eastern Conf SemifinalsAug 12 - Aug 14New York Liberty2Washington Mystics0
1502000Western Conf SemifinalsAug 12 - Aug 14Houston Comets2Sacramento Monarchs0
1512000Western Conf SemifinalsAug 11 - Aug 13Los Angeles Sparks2Phoenix Mercury0
1522000Eastern Conf FinalsAug 17 - Aug 21New York Liberty2Cleveland Rockers1
1532000Western Conf FinalsAug 17 - Aug 20Houston Comets2Los Angeles Sparks0
1542000FinalsAug 24 - Aug 26Houston Comets2New York Liberty0
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
1551999Eastern Conf First RoundAug 24 - Aug 24Charlotte Sting1Detroit Shock0
1561999Western Conf First RoundAug 24 - Aug 24Los Angeles Sparks1Sacramento Monarchs0
1571999Eastern Conf FinalsAug 27 - Aug 30New York Liberty2Charlotte Sting1
1581999Western Conf FinalsAug 26 - Aug 30Houston Comets2Los Angeles Sparks0
1591999FinalsSep 2 - Sep 5Houston Comets2New York Liberty1
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
1601998SemifinalsAug 22 - Aug 24Houston Comets2Charlotte Sting0
1611998SemifinalsAug 22 - Aug 25Phoenix Mercury2Cleveland Rockers1
1621998FinalsAug 27 - Sep 1Houston Comets2Phoenix Mercury1
Rk Yr Series     Winner W   Loser W
1631997SemifinalsAug 28 - Aug 28Houston Comets1Charlotte Sting0
1641997SemifinalsAug 28 - Aug 28New York Liberty1Phoenix Mercury0
1651997FinalsAug 30 - Aug 30Houston Comets1New York Liberty0