All-Time Top 12 Players

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57 Seasons

  • * Indicates a playoff appearance
57 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team W L W/L% Finish SRS   Pace Rel Pace ORtg Rel ORtg DRtg Rel DRtg   Playoffs Coaches Top WS
2023-24NBAHouston Rockets4141.5003rd of 51.2499.00.5114.5-0.8113.4-1.9I. Udoka (41-41)F. VanVleet (8.4)
2022-23NBAHouston Rockets2260.2684th of 5-7.6299.0-0.1111.4-3.4119.34.5S. Silas (22-60)A. Sengun (5.2)
2021-22NBAHouston Rockets2062.2445th of 5-8.26100.92.7108.4-3.6116.74.7S. Silas (20-62)C. Wood (4.9)
2020-21NBAHouston Rockets1755.2365th of 5-7.50101.42.2107.1-5.2114.92.6S. Silas (17-55)J. Tate (3.8)
2019-20NBAHouston Rockets*4428.6111st of 53.13103.73.4112.92.3110.1-0.5Lost W. Conf. SemisM. D'Antoni (44-28)J. Harden (13.1)
2018-19NBAHouston Rockets*5329.6461st of 54.9697.9-2.1115.55.1110.70.3Lost W. Conf. SemisM. D'Antoni (53-29)J. Harden (15.2)
2017-18NBAHouston Rockets*6517.7931st of 58.2197.60.3114.76.1106.1-2.5Lost W. Conf. FinalsM. D'Antoni (65-17)J. Harden (15.4)
2016-17NBAHouston Rockets*5527.6712nd of 55.84100.03.6114.75.9109.00.2Lost W. Conf. SemisM. D'Antoni (55-27)J. Harden (15.0)
2015-16NBAHouston Rockets*4141.5004th of 50.3497.61.8108.31.9108.11.7Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.K. McHale (4-7), J. Bickerstaff (37-34)J. Harden (13.3)
2014-15NBAHouston Rockets*5626.6831st of 53.8296.52.6107.01.4103.4-2.2Lost W. Conf. FinalsK. McHale (56-26)J. Harden (16.4)
2013-14NBAHouston Rockets*5428.6592nd of 55.0696.32.4111.04.3106.3-0.4Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.K. McHale (54-28)J. Harden (12.8)
2012-13NBAHouston Rockets*4537.5493rd of 53.6996.14.1109.73.8106.10.2Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.K. McHale (45-37)J. Harden (12.8)
2011-12NBAHouston Rockets3432.5154th of 50.5791.70.4105.50.9105.20.6K. McHale (34-32)G. Dragić (5.1)
2010-11NBAHouston Rockets4339.5245th of 52.3794.22.1111.34.0109.01.7R. Adelman (43-39)K. Martin (9.5)
2009-10NBAHouston Rockets4240.5123rd of 5-0.0294.01.3107.60.0108.00.4R. Adelman (42-40)L. Scola (6.3)
2008-09NBAHouston Rockets*5329.6462nd of 53.7390.2-1.5108.40.1104.0-4.3Lost W. Conf. SemisR. Adelman (53-29)Y. Ming (10.6)
2007-08NBAHouston Rockets*5527.6713rd of 54.8390.4-2.0106.8-0.7101.6-5.9Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.R. Adelman (55-27)Y. Ming (8.3)
2006-07NBAHouston Rockets*5230.6343rd of 55.0490.7-1.2106.0-0.5100.7-5.8Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.J. Van Gundy (52-30)S. Battier (9.0)
2005-06NBAHouston Rockets3448.4155th of 5-1.3088.0-2.5101.6-4.6103.3-2.9J. Van Gundy (34-48)Y. Ming (8.6)
2004-05NBAHouston Rockets*5131.6223rd of 54.2788.8-2.1106.20.1101.7-4.4Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.J. Van Gundy (51-31)T. McGrady (12.0)
2003-04NBAHouston Rockets*4537.5495th of 72.2887.8-2.3100.9-2.099.0-3.9Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.J. Van Gundy (45-37)Y. Ming (11.4)
2002-03NBAHouston Rockets4339.5245th of 71.8988.8-2.2104.30.7102.6-1.0R. Tomjanovich (43-39)S. Francis (11.1)
2001-02NBAHouston Rockets2854.3415th of 7-4.3188.2-2.5103.1-1.4108.64.1R. Tomjanovich (28-54)C. Mobley (5.7)
2000-01NBAHouston Rockets4537.5495th of 72.7190.4-0.9106.73.7104.21.2R. Tomjanovich (45-37)S. Francis (12.2)
1999-00NBAHouston Rockets3448.4156th of 7-0.5794.21.1104.80.7105.71.6R. Tomjanovich (34-48)S. Francis (6.4)
1998-99NBAHouston Rockets*3119.6203rd of 71.3988.8-0.1105.43.2102.90.7Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.R. Tomjanovich (31-19)C. Barkley (6.8)
1997-98NBAHouston Rockets*4141.5004th of 7-1.2391.00.7107.72.7108.63.6Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.R. Tomjanovich (41-41)C. Barkley (8.6)
1996-97NBAHouston Rockets*5725.6952nd of 73.8591.61.5108.82.1104.0-2.7Lost W. Conf. FinalsR. Tomjanovich (57-25)C. Barkley (9.4)
1995-96NBAHouston Rockets*4834.5853rd of 71.6393.21.4109.31.7107.4-0.2Lost W. Conf. SemisR. Tomjanovich (48-34)H. Olajuwon (9.7)
1994-95NBAHouston Rockets*4735.5733rd of 62.3294.21.3109.71.4107.4-0.9Won FinalsR. Tomjanovich (47-35)H. Olajuwon (10.7)
1993-94NBAHouston Rockets*5824.7071st of 64.1995.0-0.1105.9-0.4101.4-4.9Won FinalsR. Tomjanovich (58-24)H. Olajuwon (14.3)
1992-93NBAHouston Rockets*5527.6711st of 63.5794.4-2.4109.61.6105.2-2.8Lost W. Conf. SemisR. Tomjanovich (55-27)H. Olajuwon (15.8)
1991-92NBAHouston Rockets4240.5123rd of 6-1.9495.1-1.5106.2-2.0108.0-0.2D. Chaney (26-26), R. Tomjanovich (16-14)H. Olajuwon (9.8)
1990-91NBAHouston Rockets*5230.6343rd of 73.2798.50.7107.4-0.5103.9-4.0Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.D. Chaney (52-30)O. Thorpe (10.4)
1989-90NBAHouston Rockets*4141.5005th of 71.71101.22.9104.8-3.3103.4-4.7Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.D. Chaney (41-41)H. Olajuwon (11.2)
1988-89NBAHouston Rockets*4537.5492nd of 60.22101.81.2105.7-2.1104.8-3.0Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.D. Chaney (45-37)H. Olajuwon (12.4)
1987-88NBAHouston Rockets*4636.5614th of 60.82101.82.2107.1-0.9105.7-2.3Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.B. Fitch (46-36)H. Olajuwon (10.7)
1986-87NBAHouston Rockets*4240.5123rd of 60.6099.9-0.9106.5-1.8105.5-2.8Lost W. Conf. SemisB. Fitch (42-40)H. Olajuwon (10.9)
1985-86NBAHouston Rockets*5131.6221st of 62.10103.51.4110.12.9107.60.4Lost FinalsB. Fitch (51-31)H. Olajuwon (9.5)
1984-85NBAHouston Rockets*4834.5852nd of 61.38102.20.1107.90.0106.3-1.6Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.B. Fitch (48-34)H. Olajuwon (10.2)
1983-84NBAHouston Rockets2953.3546th of 6-3.12104.73.3105.3-2.3108.20.6B. Fitch (29-53)R. Sampson (6.0)
1982-83NBAHouston Rockets1468.1716th of 6-11.12102.2-0.997.0-7.7108.33.6D. Harris (14-68)A. Leavell (3.8)
1981-82NBAHouston Rockets*4636.5613rd of 6-0.3997.2-3.7108.31.4108.31.4Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.D. Harris (46-36)M. Malone (15.4)
1980-81NBAHouston Rockets*4042.4883rd of 6-0.20100.5-1.3107.01.5106.71.2Lost FinalsD. Harris (40-42)M. Malone (13.7)
1979-80NBAHouston Rockets*4141.5002nd of 60.27101.2-1.9108.12.8108.02.7Lost E. Conf. SemisD. Harris (41-41)M. Malone (11.9)
1978-79NBAHouston Rockets*4735.5732nd of 60.92103.8-2.0108.74.9107.73.9Lost E. Conf. 1st Rnd.T. Nissalke (47-35)M. Malone (14.1)
1977-78NBAHouston Rockets2854.3416th of 6-3.83101.3-5.4102.21.3106.15.2T. Nissalke (28-54)C. Murphy (7.4)
1976-77NBAHouston Rockets*4933.5981st of 61.44101.3-5.2104.55.0102.93.4Lost E. Conf. FinalsT. Nissalke (49-33)R. Tomjanovich (10.4)
1975-76NBAHouston Rockets4042.4883rd of 5-0.71104.7-0.8101.12.8101.83.5J. Egan (40-42)C. Murphy (8.8)
1974-75NBAHouston Rockets*4141.5002nd of 50.84102.9-1.6100.42.799.41.7Lost E. Conf. SemisJ. Egan (41-41)R. Tomjanovich (10.1)
1973-74NBAHouston Rockets3250.3903rd of 4-0.34106.1-1.7100.32.6100.52.8J. Egan (32-50)R. Tomjanovich (12.8)
1972-73NBAHouston Rockets3349.4023rd of 4-1.81115.24.597. Winter (17-30), J. Egan (16-19)R. Tomjanovich (6.9)
1971-72NBAHouston Rockets3448.4154th of 5-1.22114.72.795.4-2.596.8-1.1T. Winter (34-48)R. Tomjanovich (8.4)
1970-71NBASan Diego Rockets4042.4883rd of 50.21118.53.495.2-2.095.5-1.7A. Hannum (40-42)S. Lantz (10.5)
1969-70NBASan Diego Rockets2755.3297th of 7-2.95125.18.094.4-4.696.8-2.2J. McMahon (9-17), A. Hannum (18-38)E. Hayes (8.5)
1968-69NBASan Diego Rockets*3745.4514th of 7-0.30123.86.992.7-2.892.8-2.7Lost W. Div. SemisJ. McMahon (37-45)E. Hayes (9.6)
1967-68NBASan Diego Rockets1567.1836th of 6-7.94121.92.191.8- McMahon (15-67)D. Gambee (5.0)

Pace/ORtg/DRtg estimated for seasons prior to 1973-74