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2023-24 Chinese Basketball Association Standings

Chinese Basketball Association Standings

Chinese Basketball Association Standings Table
Regular Season
Liaoning Flying Leopards1001.000-108.890.7
Zhejiang Golden Bulls83.7272.5111.899.2
Guangdong Southern Tigers83.7272.5106.6101.8
Xinjiang Flying Tigers83.7272.599.796.6
Zhejiang Guangsha Lions83.7272.599.994.9
Shanxi Loongs74.6363.5113.3109.2
Qingdao Eagles74.6363.5103.5101.5
Beijing Ducks74.6363.5102.899.7
Guangzhou Loong Lions74.6363.5101.295.5
Shenzhen Leopards65.5454.5100.998.4
Beijing Royal Fighters65.5454.5107.5105.8
Fujian Sturgeons56.4555.5109.3110.9
Tianjin Pioneers47.3646.599.7107.3
Shandong Hi-Speed Kirin47.3646.597.1100.8
Shanghai Sharks47.3646.599.1101.1
Nanjing Monkey Kings38.2737.595.2101.3
Jilin Northeast Tigers29.1828.594.1100.9
Ningbo Rockets29.1828.594.5105.0
Jiangsu Dragons28.2008.091.8103.1
Sichuan Blue Whales110.0919.5101.0113.6
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